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2014 Life Champion senior bowl participants


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The HFC Mission:

Build Life Champions

Coach's Corner

To build life champions" is the mission of the Hawai'i Football Club.  As a player, coach and police officer, I have gained enough momentum in my life to witness some of the tragic outcomes of life choices that has been made within the culture and lifestyle of this community. It is my goal to combine my love for my community and my passion for football to help make a difference in the lives of youngsters through a well-rounded program with three “D” principles - Discipline, Determination and Drug Free.

I have followed in my father's footsteps and became a police officer; the beginning of a path I truly believe God had intended for me.  I've coached at the high school level for 10 years, 2 years in youth football.  In my experience, it was difficult to coach and break "bad habits" at the high school level because of what they were taught at a young age.  The skills and culture that is taught at a young age determines the type of “student athlete” or “athlete” they will become.   As a coach and a police officer, I've seen how these choices have impacted them as an adult.

I know the impact a good sports program can have, that it can make the difference in which direction a life turns.  Developing character traits, reinforcing discipline and skills can help encourage them to make positive life choices on and off the field.  College athletic scholarships are often a disadvantaged boy's only way to a higher education.  Football offers more college scholarship opportunities than any other sport. 

Right now, football opportunities are limited on our island. Our club's athletic aim is to provide  our youth with the basic fundamentals that will make them ready for other organized teams and high school.  We will use the best and safest coaching techniques and up-to-date equipment.  Football should be fun and safe, as well as, character-building.  We believe conducted properly, a football program can teach safe and appropriate ways to participate in the sport and develop personal skills that will help our youth navigate life.  We also want our youngsters better prepared for participating in higher-level football programs, and we want them to be good community citizens.

Robert "Keala" Pule Sr.
HFC-Executive Director

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